a FREE solution for visual stress!

28-01-2020 :> New version 2.0 of reading buddy released! (bugs fixed improvements made).

Do you suffer from visual stress?

A condition where when reading certain colored backgrounds (under what you’re reading) such as (but not explicitly) white can cause agitation and frustration against the eye whilst reading?

You are not alone!

It is a common affliction for the many dyslexics (like me) out there!
Don’t worry, we have the answer!

And it’s called Reading Buddy!

Reading Buddy is a piece of free software that creates a translucent colored overlay window to be placed over the top of what you’re reading.

And it’s completely customizable!

You can freely change the overlay color to any color that you desire.

Because it’s a transparent colored overlay window it solves the visual stress problem because it changes the background color of what you’re reading!

Here is a demonstration video of Reading Buddy in-action!

It’s FREE software for the Microsoft windows platform!
So now all you need … is something to read!

To download Reading Buddy v2.0

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or …

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Should you have any queries or questions.
Enjoy! 🙂