How to upload audio to youtube.

So you want to upload an audio such as an mp3 or wave file to youtube.
However youtube only accepts videos.

This is where Youtube audio converter comes in..

Youtube audio converter is free software for microsoft windows that takes 1 image file (a jpeg) and 1 audio such as mp3 or wave file and uses ffmpeg to automatically convert it to a youtube compatible video (an avi).

Here is a screenshot of Youtube Audio converter.

What is ffmpeg?

FFMPEG is a open source (free) library/tool (available @ [CLICK HERE] for free) that can decode and encode any video format to one another. It supports almost all audio/video codecs(h264, h265, vp8, vp9, aac, opus, etc.) and file formats(mp4, flv, mkv, ts, webm, mp3 etc.). Moreover it supports again all streaming protocols(http, rtmp, rtsp, hls, etc.).

Below is an example video I made using Youtube audio converter
[CLICK HERE] to watch it full-screen.

Below is a demonstration video showing you how to configure and use youtube audio converter

[CLICK HERE] to watch it full-screen.

To get it running is simple.

1. Download and install youtube audio converter from @ [HERE]
2. Download ffmpeg from @ [HERE]
3. Install ffmpeg (extract ffmpeg from zipfile to desired ffmpegfolder)
4. Launch youtube audio converter.
5. Select ffmpeg binary executable location E:G: (/*ffmpegfolder*/bin/ffmpeg.exe) .

Job done.

Once configured, to use it is simple.

1. Launch youtube audio converter.
2. Select desired image file.
3. Select desired audio file.
4. enter output video filename.
5. Select execute.

Then upload your avi to youtube!
Job done.

Youtube audio converter v1.0 is free software for the microsoft windows operating system.

It is compatible with any system capable of running visual basic 6 (vb6) run-times (correctly), aka windows xp and above.

To download Youtube audio converter v1.0

To download Youtube audio converter v1.0 complete vb6 source code!

FREE for everyone! 🙂

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