The EXEcutioner is a piece of free software for microsoft windows that enables you to

EXEcute (launch)

a dos command
a web page
or an EXEcutable (of your choice).

at the touch of a button!

It is a windows system tray app that sits in the bottom right hand corner of windows like this :

Waiting for your command (in the form of a configurable system-wide hotkey aka ctrl(control)+alt+)!

Once easily configured (by pressing settings menu),to your taste, The EXEcutioner will launch desired choice, at the touch of a button!

Be it a dos command
a web page
or an EXEcutable!

Saving you some precious time! 🙂

In this first version, it will only allow you to execute up to 3 commands!
If you’re interested in having more, please contact us by clicking [HERE]

And we’ll see what we can do!

It is %100 free (without catch) software for microsoft windows!

to download the free installer executable now, run the setup process and launch the free software!

And you’re good to go!
Enjoy the executions!