With pin anything free software!


You are only allowed to add applications to windows taskbar 🙁
If you try to add a document or file you will get this error.

documents, web addresses or other files.
are not allowed.

Until now!

Pin anything is a piece of free software
For microsoft windows

that allows you to do exactly that!

Pin anything to windows taskbar!
as long as it has a file association.

EG:text files, mp3s, excel spreadsheats,vbscripts,
Literally anything that has a file association!

It creates a special shortcut on your windows desktop
as per your specifications.

That you can then right click and click pin to taskbar.
Simple as that!

So now you can access files of any type or web addresses
Directly from your windows taskbar!

Thanks to pin anything free software!

To download Pin anything v1.0

Should you have any problems feel free to
to contact us @ [CLICK HERE]