1 keypress = locked pc.

If you’re on a time restraint and / or are security conscious when you leave your PC, then iLockIT Pro is for you! It’s FREE SOFTWARE for microsoft windows that enables you to set one single configurable system wide hot-key, when that system wide hot-key is pressed, it locks your pc instantly! It’s as simple as that!

So now when you leave your pc in a hurry, one keypress = system secured.
Worry no more!

Below is an in-action demonstration video showing you just how easy it is to configure and use iLockIT pro. [CLICK HERE] to view it full-screen.

iLockIT Pro v1.0 is free software for the microsoft windows operating system. It is also open source! you can download the vb6 source code @ [HERE]

It is compatible with any system capable of running visual basic 6 (vb6) run-times (correctly), aka windows xp and above.

To download iLockIT Pro v1.0

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