With iZipIt Plus, free compression software for microsoft windows!

zipping and unzipping compressed .zip file archives is now super-easy,super-quick, and super-free with our iZipIt Plus, free software!

Once iZipIt plus is installed and running, using it is really simple, just press a configurable system wide hotkey (default: ctrl+alt+z), and

Will appear!

press another configurable hotkey (default:) ctrl+alt+u, and

Will appear!

Allowing you to compress and decompress .zip archive files at the touch of a button, it’s as easy as that!

Setting it up, and getting it running is also, super easy! just :

to download the free installer executable now, run the setup process and launch the free software.

once it’s launched a black and white icon will appear in the windows system-tray (the bottom right part of windows, near the clock).

Right-click the icon and click settings to configure.

A configuration window will appear.

Configure the desired hotkeys, and you’re done!
It’s that easy!

You can now compress and decompress .zip files at the touch of a button!

to download now, it’s completely free!

It’s 100% virus and spyware free!

to verify with VirusTotal.com 🙂